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Our vision
People as core, Ethic as base, Talent as first, Innovation as pursuit.
Talent Development
The company pays attention to the cultivation and development of talents, combining the employee's career development plan, job skills requirements, and the company's strategic development direction, providing employees with various forms of professional and complete knowledge and skill enhancement training to maintain the continuous appreciation of human capital.
Career Pathways
We provide dual-channel career pathways including professional route and management route for every employee.
Welfare and Benefits
CSPC RECOMGEN PHARMACEUTICAL has an industry-leading technical level and is committed to working with top talents and ambitious individuals to build the first international brand in the field of thrombolysis to benefit patients worldwide.
We value the development of each employee and are committed to providing a comfortable working environment and a comprehensive welfare plan for our employees.
  • Two-day weekend

  • legal holidays

  • paid maternity and breastfeeding leave

  • paid paternity leave

  • paid annual leave

  • paid sick leave

  • paid parent-teacher conference leave

  • paid census registration leave

  • social insurance

  • housing fund

  • annual physical examination

  • commercial insurance and supplementary medical insurance

  • year-end double pay

  • year-end bonus

  • festival bonus

  • high temperature subsidy

  • free lunch

  • birthday gift

  • holiday gift

  • employee activities

Our Voices
  • Over the past 14 years, as a partner of RECOMGEN, I have experienced the whole process, from bench-scale tests and pilot tests to large-scale production. The launch of the life-saving drug "rhTNK-tPA" has saved the lives of tens of thousands of patients. Therefore, I am grateful and cherished. Here, both personal values are realized, and contributions to society are made. The people of Recomgen have always insisted on starting from the details, being responsible and quality-oriented, and constantly pursuing exploration and excellence. As always, I believe that Recomgen will be better and better!

  • Do what makes sense, grow with the company and the team, break through ourself; do what is right, give back to the community with high-quality products and save more patients.

  • We always put social responsibility first, rely on scientific research power, and constantly innovate and develop new drug products with precise efficacy, patient needs, and excellent quality to benefit more people, which is the vision and belief of RECOMGEN. I am glad to join RECOMGEN, where I have gained growth and have a sense of mission on my shoulders. I am proud to work with the energetic people of RECOMGEN every day to make every bit of contribution to human health.

Our employees